Tetra Motion designs and supplies machine parts to DIY’s, Makers, Creatives, Fabbers and OEM’s. Which one are you?

A heavy duty benchtop CNC platform for Laser, 3D printing, carving, chocolate printing or knife work. Or whatever you need a small CNC to do. Brevis uses 20mm bearing cars and rails, not extrusions and plastic wheels for its motion control.

A very stiff router for soft materials and aluminium. It’s made from stainless steel and every part has been rigorously designed and analysed using high quality CAD and FEA systems.It uses 20mm cars and rails for its motion control.

A half sheet or full sheet router for timber, foam, plastic and other light materials. Has the same structural and mechanical features as Maximus. 3mm steel material is used to make the machine more economical but just as useful.


Our Services


Tetra Motion provides engineered mechanical parts and structural solutions for CNC Makers, Individuals and O.E.M’s. Bespoke machine or robotic components are our speciality, especially carbon-fibre or composite parts. We also manufacture our own material called Tetrium. Its especially good for CNC machine parts as being a composite it is very damp. It also machines easily on routers that struggle with aluminium. Its an aluminium replacement material and Tetra Motion vacuum casts it into billets and near nett shape parts.

Our Philosophy

Tetra Motion has found that Makers require many different things. So instead of selling formal model “kits”, we sell all our parts separately. Our components can be integrated into the models shown or it’s more likely that you are looking for a motor mount, a gantry or a drive component to fit your current build. Plus we are happy to design and quote on the supply of bespoke parts. So send us a parts list and we’ll figure out the freight costs and get back to you asap.

Bespoke Parts

Tetra Motion is regularly ordering or making various parts. We are very happy to quote on the supply of bespoke machine parts from a “one-of”  to a production run of 1000’s. Request a quote today.

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