27-11-2019 – Tetra Motion has been working on a new workshop design since we moved from the Gold Coast. The local council has just approved the development so we can start making our new huge shed!! So we shall have a Maker space and much better facilities then our garage early next year. We break ground next week.  Peter


11-11-2019 – Here’s a piece of Tetrium that will become motor mounts. If your interested in a piece to play with I will make 100x100x15mm sample billets available. Send me a note with your address and what you want to do with it and I’ll send you a billet.  Tetrium Info Sheet.

Tetrium being cut for some NEMA23 motor mounts

06-11-2019 – Maximus part costs are in and I’m working on the price list. I also have developed a material I’m calling Tetrium. This is similar to Epoxy Granite but can be machined on routers. It’s an epoxy, metal fibre and carbon fibre composite. I’m setting up an information page for this material at the moment. Tetra Motion will sell blocks of it to machine builders to build damp and stiff machine parts from. Tetra Motion is also designing a new kit benchtop mill and it will be made from Tetrium.

Sample of Tetrium with various machined features

Tetrium Test Block

Tetra Motion BT30 mill

BT30 Mill Kit, 1kW servo drive for rigid tapping XYZ 550x250x250

05-09-2019 – Today I cut a wax block stamp for a friend out of HDPE.  https://www.facebook.com/ScootCNC/videos/2988663147871859/ brevis cuts plastic very easily.

13-08-2019 – Still waiting on costs for many of the Maximus parts but they are coming in.

09-08-2019 For those budding Gantry Engineers out there. Here’s some info on various materials to use. Gantry Design


Tetra Motion is nearly Live! Look forward to more CNC parts, more machines and more technical information.