Tetrium – A metal alternative material

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Tetrium – An easily machined, structurally damp, composite material suitable for machine parts

Tetrium – Its history

Tetra Motion is designing a BT-30 benchtop mill kit and originally it was to be made from plate aluminium. A common concern with metals and machines is structural damping. Metals are not damp and unwanted vibrations can make accuracy or fine finishing difficult. So Tetra-Motion looked at alternatives: Epoxy granite, Alumina, carbon-fibre and glass-fibre to name a few. All of these had good points and bad. Epoxy granite seemed to be the answer but it could not be post machined easily. This machining requirement drove the material development of Tetrium. A material that can be cast to near shape and post machined or cast as billets and then billet machined as required. Our starting project was to machine stepper motor mounts. Tetrium isolates the motor vibration from the machine much better then aluminium mounts as composites are 10x damper than metals.

Tetrium – The Process

Tetrium starts as a mixture of various fibres or particles. This mixture is cleaned then stacked into a mould. The mould is vibrated to settle the mix, then a vacuum bag or mould cover is applied and a deep vacuum is created in the stack. This vacuum is used to draw the resin into the part, minimising porosity and maximising part integrity.

Tetrium can be made to order in the size you need. A billet, a near nett shape or a nett part shape, it’s up to you. Tetra Motion can machine the mould for a one off or 1000’s off just work with us on what you need.  We can even tailor a material to your application. We have access to all sorts of fibres and nano-particles that maybe the right choice for your job.

Tetrium Billet

The Tetrium Family

Tetrium comes in std billets, bespoke billets, rough casts or is vacuum cast to near nett shape

Tetrium-S : Epoxy metal composite. Machinable 2200kg/m3, 30GPa stiffness comes in billet or bespoke castings. Easily machined on most hobby routers. Economical solution for general purpose parts.

Tetrium-C : Epoxy carbon fibre composite. Machinable 1400kg/m3, stiffness 70GPa. Easily machined on most routers and mills or cast to shape. High performance material.

Tetrium-AO : Epoxy alumina composite. Machinable with masonry tooling, not metal tooling. Density 2500kg/m3 stiffness 70GPa. Ideal for economical production of stiff, structurally damp, moulded parts.

RCFB : Tetra Motion recovers dry carbon fibre offcuts from various sources and consolidates these into random billets. These can then be machined into parts. Specify the size you want and we shall make it.


Talk to Peter Schwarzel at Tetra Motion about your parts or application, we like a challenge.

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