Machine Class – Heavy Duty Benchtop Maker

Brevis is a benchtop machine designed for carving, laser cutting or engraving, 3D printing, food extrusion and any other 3D CNC application that you can think of. Its powered by NEMA17 400step/rev motors and 10mm wide belts. It uses 20mm linear rails and cars for very accurate motion.


The video to the right is one of several simulations done as Brevis was developed. Tetra Motion uses state of the art CAD/CAM systems and FEA systems to design its products. The video is a modal analysis which identifies vibration modes of the machine. I have not seem Brevis gyrate like this in service but it must be possible!

Brevis is made from chromium enhanced steel and birch plywood. Designed and made in Australia. We expect you to get a Brevis CNC up and running for around $2000AUD depending on what parts you get.

Brevis, like the other Tetra Motion kit machines are made from plate stainless steel. Stainless steel is stiff and won’t rust. It is CNC laser cut and CNC folded. It takes CNC machines to build CNC machines!!


Brevis-A2 plus
Clamping surface (X,Y) 740x760mm
Working Space (X,Y,Z) 540x600x180 (A2 note 1)
Under gantry height 255mm
Repeatability X,Y(0.03mm) Z(0.05mm)
Programmable resolution 0.01mm or better
Max speed X , Y and Z 10m/min, 10m/min,
Spindle Recommend max spindle size 1/8″ or 1/4″*
Linear guides 20mm Steel linear rail and cars
Drives (X&Y) 3xN23 & (Z) 1xN17 Stepper
Universal Tool Holder Dia43mm and custom clamps
Overall size 950Wx760Dx550H
Weight 36kg
Machine Table High Pressure Laminate
Input Voltage 110-240V AC
Driver Voltage DC 24V Plus
Interface USB
Software UCCNC, Mach3 or Mach 4, other


  1. A2 – 594x420mm A1 – 841x594mm
  2. * depends on weight of the spindle or router. Ask us for specific weights


Brevis uses steel rails with ball carriages for its motion control. These are far superior to plastic wheels on extrusions or V wheels on guides. They will give a very long and accurate service.  These are available through Australian or Asian suppliers just use the model shopping list to find what you need.  Brevis is built on a plywood base. Tetra Motion recommends 17mm form-ply or furniture grade ply like birch to make a sturdy and stable machine base.

Shopping List

Tetra-Motion supplies mechanical and structural components for CNC machines. We stock hard to get parts and we stock the parts we manufacture ourselves. All other standard parts can be supplied by bearing outlets, electronic stores and your local hardware. Tetra Motion provides a part specification and shopping list with expected costs for standard parts so you can easily cost and source the parts for your machine wherever you are.

Tetra Motion does not sell machine “kits” we sell individual parts. We have found that every CNC machine builder is different and requires different parts or is at a different stage in their build. By selling individual parts we help solve your build issues faster. The Maker gets what they need in a no fuss manner. Just get our parts list and check the items you want. Or email us describing what you want and we will put together a suggested Bill of Materials and quote for you.

Bespoke Parts

Because Tetra Motion is regularly ordering various parts we are very happy to quote on the supply of bespoke machine parts from one off to production OEM quantities. Just snail mail that napkin sketch to us and we will digitise it quick sticks!