Machine Class – Large Scale Maker

Maker-LS  is a large scale Maker grade CNC router. Its intended for large DIY Creative projects. It speedily and easily cuts soft materials such as timber, plywood, plastic, MDF and foam. Its bed accepts a full sheet of metric or imperial plywood with 150mm margin for clamping and fixtures. It has an extended Z axis of 250mm plus it can use the machine apron for edge work like dovetails and tenons.

The 5:1 gearbox option is excellent for most applications. If you are doing hard materials regularly then choose the 10:1 gearbox option. The stand and base is up to the Maker. The Maker can build it in half sheet size or very long as well just adjust the bench and rail lengths to suit your application. A popular bed size is 600x2600mm fits into a standard garage space yet has room to move around it. Lets you do those long jobs with ease.


Maker class routers are mainly made from chromium enhanced steel. The Maker can build a metal or timber bench depending on their work requirements. Plans for a timber stand and bench are in the price list.  The maker uses 15mm & 20mm cars & rail elements for its X&Y motion control and a ballscrew for its Z axis.  Its structure is laser cut and precision folded on CNC folding machines. It takes precision machinery to make precision routers!


Nominal Bed Size                            1525mm wide x 2600mm long

Machine footprint                             1800mm x 2900mm

Cutting envelope                               Y1250 x X2450 x Z250mm

Standard Apron cutting depth       50mm

Mechanical resolution                      +/-0.005mm 10:1 gearbox

Mechanical resolution                      +/-0.010mm 5:1 gearbox

Software resolution                      +/-0.001mm

10:1 gearbox max axis force          57kgf

Z axis max plunge force                 200kgf

10:1 axis speed                                13m/min

5:1 axis speed                                  26m/min

Machine minimum static stiffness at maximum Z  2-5N/um

Total weight with timber bench approxiamately 300kg

Power input 240V or 110V


  • Z Drive is a 1610 ball screw with Nema23 4Nm motor and electric brake
  • The X&Y Drives use a heavy duty 25mm wide ATL steel wire belt. ATL belts are optimised for position control applications
  • The Maker can select the grade and price of the standard parts. From economy bearings to high performance it’s up to you and your budget
  • All motors are high torque Nema 23 and use precision gearboxes with stiff 14mm diameter output shafts
  • The large gantry is exceptionally stiff and all structures have been structurally analysed and optimised using finite element analysis
  • Maker class routers are a fourth generation machine based on Tetra Motions in-depth testing and machine development program.

Shopping List

Tetra-Motion supplies mechanical and structural components for CNC machines. We stock hard to get parts and we stock the parts we manufacture ourselves. All other standard parts can be supplied by bearing outlets, electronic stores and your local hardware. Tetra Motion provides a standard part specification and shopping list with expected costs so you can easily cost and source the parts for your machine wherever you are.

Tetra Motion does not sell machine “kits” we sell individual parts. We have found that every CNC machine builder is different and requires different parts or is at a different stage in their build. By selling individual parts we help solve your build issues faster. The Maker gets what they need in a no fuss manner.

Bespoke Parts

Because Tetra Motion is regularly ordering various parts we are very happy to quote on the supply of bespoke machine parts from one off to production OEM quantities. Just snail mail that napkin sketch to us and we will digitise it quick sticks!